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Are you claiming the right business expenses?

CIS tax returns are a fact of life for most people in the building trade. A small mistake when filing a CIS tax return online can mean paying far too much tax on your pay.

We’ll help you by preparing and submitting your personal tax return to HMRC. This will include your business expenses, which will massively reduce your tax due and in most cases will result in a TAX REFUND!

Under CIS, when you are paid by your contractor, they have to deduct a hefty chunk of your pay which acts as an advance payment towards your tax and National Insurance liability. You’re taxed on all your earnings without getting any relief for your annual tax-free personal allowance or any expenses you incur to carry out the trade.

But there’s good news. We’ll help you to claim back the extra tax you have paid through your self-assessment tax return.

Much more than just an Accountancy ‘standard service’

As a CIS worker, you should expect more than just a ‘standard service’ from your accountant. You need a package that’s

You need an all-inclusive arrangement, tailored exclusively to your needs as a CIS worker.

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Are you a CIS Worker? Do you need help with claiming your business expenses and get a tax refund? Then you need Chartered Accountants who’re

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