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Is your business claiming the right Capital Allowances? Are you eligible to claim Research & Development Credit? Buying or selling a business or a property and need help with Capital Gains Tax? Do you find VAT complicated for your business?  Are you under a Tax Investigation?

Whatever your tax needs, you’re entitled to expect … only the best support.

With our accountancy and tax services in Milton Keynes, you get all this … and much more, all delivered in an efficient, pro-active, and friendly manner.

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Capital Gains Tax

We’ll help compute your capital gains that arise from any asset sale and calculate consequent tax liabilities.

We’ll also advise you about any available tax reliefs as well as the timing of your transaction to ensure maximum tax savings.

Perhaps you’re anticipating making a loss. Then we’ll advise you to ensure that this loss is used in the best possible manner.

We can also help you in dealing with any HMRC investigations.

Personal Tax

In an increasingly complex tax environment, where tax rates seem to be increasing, It’s essential that you receive the very best tax advice to match your circumstances.

Every individual is different. We know this. We’ll work with you to discuss your circumstances and offer the right tailored advice in order to minimise your tax burden.

We are also experienced in dealing with HMRC investigations and will support you if you’re undergoing a tax investigation.

We provide personal tax services to:

Corporation Tax

We specialise in advising business owners how to efficiently extract profits from their businesses.

We’ll provide advice on:

VAT Advice

We’ll help you to decide if your business would be better off registering for VAT and also if and when VAT registration would be compulsory.

We have the expertise to deal with the complicated VAT legislation which applies to the Online Retailers and Businesses providing services to customers in other countries.

We also work with restaurants, takeaways and cafes to ensure that efficient systems (including EPOS) are in place.

We also prepare returns based on the Partial Exemption basis and can advise you within the financial services industry in relation to getting these schemes approved by HMRC.

Tax Investigations

HMRC is entitled to investigate any taxpayer – both individuals and companies are at risk.

Tax investigations can last for many months, even years. They can be distressing, time-consuming and costly. During this time, you’ll find yourself having to deal with business disruption and probing questions from HMRC.

Don’t try and tackle the investigation on your own. However insignificant it may seem, it’s essential that, from day one, you seek professional representation. Our team will provide you with expert advice, correspond and deal with HMRC enquires on your behalf – representing you in the most effective way possible.

Non-UK residents

Do you own a property in the UK but are a non-UK resident living overseas?

We’ll prepare and submit your personal tax returns to HMRC and also advise you of any tax liabilities arising.

Are you planning to sell, or have you recently sold, your UK assets? Then we’ll help you deal with any capital gains tax implications.

We provide these service to both individuals and companies which are non-UK residents.

Buy to Let

Are you thinking of buying a property to rent out? Then, you need to consider if it’s better to buy in your own name or through a limited company.

We’ll give you tailored advice based on your circumstances to ensure that your tax bill is kept as legitimately low as possible!

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