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Who We Help

Limited Companies

This is one of the most popular ways to operate as it is the most tax efficient way to trade. Our fee to prepare and submit the annual accounts and corporation tax return starts from £300.

Sole Traders

Operating as a sole trader is the natural way to begin when you decide to ‘work for yourself’. Our fee to prepare and submit a personal tax return for self employed individuals starts from £200.

Partnerships & LLPs

Many individuals prefer working in a partnership or are led by the industry regulations to do so. Our fee to prepare and submit a partnership tax return  starts from £300. We can also provide advice to individual partners.

Buy To Let Investors

If you are looking to buy a property to rent out you need to consider if it is better to purchase in your own name or through a limited company. We can help you decide what will be most tax efficient for you.

Non UK Residents

If you own an asset in the UK but are a non UK tax resident living abroad we can prepare and submit your personal tax returns to HMRC and also advice you of any tax liabilities arising.

Charities and CICs

We offer services for small charities and community interest companies ensuring that all reporting requirements are met. We can also advice the trustees or directors in relation to their tax affairs.