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Management Information

Management accounts

If you want to track your business performance on a periodic basis let us help by preparing the management accounts for you.

We will meet you to discuss and agree the relevant Key Performance Indicators for your business and report these to you along with the management accounts.

As part of our service we will also help you to understand, analyse and interpret the key management information so that this is helpful for you to grow your business. Make the right decisions and the right time!

We are experts at dealing with numbers which enables us to undertake business profitability analyses and reviews and recommend ways to increase profit margins.

We do this by conducting proactive discussions with clients and going in great depths to look at all information at a very granular level.

Our advice not only includes recommendations to decrease costs (an obvious!) but also includes ways to increase the turnover and implementing tax efficiencies to ensure positive growth and savings.

Profitability reviews

Business valuations

These are mainly needed when an acquisition is being considered. Valuations can also be requested by other third parties and in the unfortunate event of a divorce or a split these can also be requested by the courts.

We can carry out business valuations based on the market trends and include detailed reasoning and assumptions behind our calculations, relevant to the business.

We can do these for investors wanting to acquire or dispose off their business or can undertake this work on the instruction of solicitors dealing with family disputes.

If you are looking to acquire or dispose off a business or an asset we can help you with the financial and tax due diligence.

Our work includes undertaking an in depth review of the information shared with us (mainly under a Non Disclosure Agreement) enabling us to form a reasonable view that the information being shared with our client is complete and accurate. The work also allows us to check if there are any risks or contingent liabilities which could materialise and effect our client post completion.

Due Diligence

Financial reporting and controls

As a business owner you will need expert technical help in relation to the various reporting changes being triggered by the amended or new accounting standards; or you may need help to meet your reporting requirements without having to pay the big firms.

We can undertake a detailed assessment of your existing functions and recommend changes to better the control framework within your departments.

We can also advice you in relation to any upcoming accounting changes and help you with system change and implementation.